Dear Mary Barbera; I Am Not An Epidemic

One of the most “popular” BCBA-Ds known in the autism community is a woman by the name of Mary Barbera. She is the mother of an autistic child, and she has made a huge name for herself for being able to “turn autism around” for thousands of her kids, using an approach called “verbal behaviour”.Continue reading “Dear Mary Barbera; I Am Not An Epidemic”

“You Don’t Speak for Every Person With Autism”

This argument is so tired and pointless because 1) Nobody said I did? Me speaking about issues I and the people around me see with the autism industry/disability industries is not the same as speaking for every autistic person. The people I “don’t speak for” are people of completely different intersecting identities than I, butContinue reading ““You Don’t Speak for Every Person With Autism””

I Paid Money To Certify in Ableism

Yesterday I handed in my final assignment for the Autism and Behavioural Science Post-Graduate Certificate. Or as I like to call it, the Ableism Certification. If you want to learn about autism from a deficit-based point of view, where your teachers and your resources are people that advocate for things like elimination of autistic traits,Continue reading “I Paid Money To Certify in Ableism”

You’re Nothing Like My Kid

I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard this since going public about my autism diagnosis. The kid that I’m usually “nothing like”, for context, is a 5-8 year old. Which… makes sense, considering I’m a 22 year old woman. Parents of disabled children, understandably, have that period of time where theyContinue reading “You’re Nothing Like My Kid”