I Am Not Your Token “Good Autistic”

Life has been quite a whirlwind since I started doing advocacy almost full-time. I have gotten a lot more opportunities than I thought I would get, and I’ve been grateful for them all. Last week, I was asked to speak on a panel about autistic lived experience and representation in media, watching “The Reason IContinue reading “I Am Not Your Token “Good Autistic””

“Not Everyone Can Self-Advocate, You Know”.

There is a post going around Facebook and Twitter right now called the “Angry Autism Advocate” bingo. You may have seen it. It’s basically talking about autistic people that are presumed “high functioning” attacking parents and caregivers, and you can tell it’s them based on things like hair colour and anime profile pictures? Who knows.Continue reading ““Not Everyone Can Self-Advocate, You Know”.”

Why Is The Only Autism Movie I Like From 2002?

I’ve always been super nervous to talk about my love for this film, because it’s not perfect. They use the r-slur to describe Sam, his daughter (Dakota Fanning) asks him if God “made him this way” on purpose, and the use the “mental age” term – a term I’ll dissect more in a later post.Continue reading “Why Is The Only Autism Movie I Like From 2002?”

I Paid Money To Certify in Ableism

Yesterday I handed in my final assignment for the Autism and Behavioural Science Post-Graduate Certificate. Or as I like to call it, the Ableism Certification. If you want to learn about autism from a deficit-based point of view, where your teachers and your resources are people that advocate for things like elimination of autistic traits,Continue reading “I Paid Money To Certify in Ableism”

You’re Nothing Like My Kid

I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard this since going public about my autism diagnosis. The kid that I’m usually “nothing like”, for context, is a 5-8 year old. Which… makes sense, considering I’m a 22 year old woman. Parents of disabled children, understandably, have that period of time where theyContinue reading “You’re Nothing Like My Kid”