A Response to ONTABA’s 2020 “Look at ABA Research”

ONTABA recently released a report entitled “ABA in 2020-2021; current state of the research.” You can find that report here – https://mcusercontent.com/11863c24c0d9aa0c0dc6db898/files/bd3603b8-ef94-a929-c264-c0a302539c1d/ONTABA_2021_Current_State_of_the_Research.pdf

Here is my response, originally written as a Twitter thread. Remember that JRC is shocking and abusing their “students” in 2021 – (current state of the research!!) and that ONTABA is affliated with ABAI, who both funds and platforms them.

So… rather than a promise to do better.. you bash autistic folks, lie about them, all to keep making money? This is a terrible look @ONTABA1, but I’m not surprised. Several parents are also against ABA. So are many ECES, OTs and SLPs. FYI: Lovaas is a HUGE reason that ABA is used on the autistic population. Whether or not he was the founder is irrelevant when he has done SO MUCH HARM, and was the author of one of the seminal studies (which was proven to be partially fabricated as per Ron Leaf’s words on Justin’s podcast in 2020. Several non-speaking and high support needs autistics have spoken out against ABA, and the fact that you deny that they have shows you don’t listen or have have any desire to view them as full human beings more than anything. Social media is not the only means for an individual to advocate for their needs, so your statement on the idea that “only level 1 autistics” speak out against ABA is irrevalent even WITHOUT the knowledge that, as I said, high needs individuals have spoken out on social media and otherwise. You claim to want to help the autistic community — so why is your mission solely on “disproving” and denying folk’s experiences? Wait… it’s because in the Code of Ethics, one has an obligation to “disseminate” information about ABA.

Also in the COE, one has the obligation to the field of behavior analysis in that any other training or knowledge must come second once someone chooses to pursue a BCBA or RBT certification. In the words of the COE, every other “philosophy” or science goes directly AGAINST the science of behavior analysis. (For more, please check out the “Ethics For Behavior Analysts” 5th Ed. by Jon S Bailey + Mary Burch. You can also check out the one online, however it hides some of the “less appealing” sections.

Remember @ONTABA1, you’re regulated under the same board as the JRC and their BCBAs. You share resources from Mary Barbera, who pushes autism recovery and autism prevention. Neurodiversity aligned, you say… I would argue you aren’t even human rights aligned!

Published by Taryn Jaye

Autistic. Writer, advocate, and future therapist. Yes, I support individuals with high-support needs.

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