#ShutDownJRC and #StoptheShock

I will never be ready to write this. I will never understand how this has to be written in the first place. Further, I don’t understand why so many organizations for autism run by non-autistic people are so silent on this. I don’t know how professionals who work with autistic people every day, who say they care for them so, are so silent on this. People I know, who work with autistic people, are silent. I don’t know why, or how.

Around 2016, I found out about JRC. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. This movement to stop the torture at JRC is not about me. I’m not the first one or the most important one. The fight to shut down the JRC has been raging for over 30 years. Advocates such as Lydia X.Z. Brown and Shain M. Neumeier, as well as survivors of the JRC and its torture tactics have been at this for far longer than the week ago that the hashtag started trending on Twitter, and they will be in this fight for long after it stops. Links to the work they have done have been attached here. – https://autistichoya.net/category/jrc/

2016 was five years ago, and 2012, the year that Andre McCollin’s account of torture and abuse was revealed in a graphic video, was 4 years before that. Despite being shocked 37 times for not taking off his coat, and being tied to a restraint board, no laws were considered broken, because this was Andre’s “treatment” that was funded partially by the Applied Behaviour Analysis industry and the shocks were administered by Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

The Applied Behavior Analysis International regularly provides JRC a platform and funding to continue abusing the kids and adults in their care. In fact, the ABAI conference this year (yes… 2021!) has two seperate “ethics” courses – one of which is entitled “Challenging the FDA Ban on the GED”.

JRC cannot be reformed. The individuals inflicting this torture (and yes, that’s what this device is!) should lose their license. The BACB (licensing board of BCBAs) should be investigated – why is torture legal in the ABA compliance code? Why is there no laws protecting high needs disabled people – of which the majority of the victims are Black or Brown? This is a multi-faceted human rights issue, which is not national news! Even though this human rights violation has been known to the public for at least a decade.

Now that you know all this…. what will you do?

Want to help? Go to http://www.auteach.com


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Published by Taryn Jaye

Autistic. Writer, advocate, and future therapist. Yes, I support individuals with high-support needs.

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